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The Lotus Guesthouse Guide

Welcome! This guide is here to help you get settled into your room and help you to get the most out of your time in Rawene.

Please let us know if there is anything else that we can tell you to help you have an amazing stay at Marriner’s.


The network is ‘Guest’ and the password is ‘Marriners1’. To connect your mobile device for entertainment DO NOT use the 5G network (see below).

The Main Room


The overhead light switches are on the switch plate to the right of the curtains of the French doors that face the courtyard.  

  • The top left switch is for the 2 hanging lights

  • The second switch is for the 4 spotlights at the kitchen end of the room

  • The third switch is for the 2 spotlights above the bed.  

  • The dimmer for each set of these lights is beside it on the right.   

  • The bottom right switch operates the sconces above the fireplace.

  • The bottom left switch operates the outdoor lights on the side deck 

The switches for the kitchen spotlight and the outside rear deck lights are to the left of the curtains of the French doors facing the harbor. 

Switches on the wall on either side of the bedposts individually control the bedside reading lights.  

There is a walk-in dressing room to the right of the bed, and there is a light switch just inside the doorway on the left. 

There are tea light candles and a lighter in a metal container on the top of the metal cabinet. The “stars” above the metal cabinet are tea light holders. Please do NOT place tea lights on the bedside stands or the bathroom window sills.

The Fireplace

There is an electric blower heater built into the fireplace. The main on/off switch is the toggle on the double power outlet between the metal cabinet and the fireplace and it is controlled by a small, black, remote control located on the mantelpiece.

The room is well insulated and it really doesn't take very long to heat the entire room, even in winter.

Power Outlets

There are double power outlets located on the tiled kitchen backsplash and the fireplace end of the kitchen bench, which also has a center toggle to turn off the refrigerator if it disturbs your sleep (please remember to turn the refrigerator back on in the morning).

There are outlets either side of the bed, beside the metal cabinet, and in the NW corner of the room beside the day bed.


The Sky and TV remotes are on the fireplace mantel.   The TV has Netflix, TVNZ+ , 3Now and Sky Basic. We ask you not to use Box Office to book movies as options are available on Netflix.

For music, there is a Bose Bluetooth speaker to enjoy your own music selection, and the Sky “Music and Radio” menu includes a range of music channels and the ‘National’ & ‘Concert’ radio stations.      

Watching SkyTV
  1. Turn on the TV using the black TV remote. By default the SkyBox should be on and running the Guide and should be all set. If not then the SkyBox is either not turned on - or the input setting needs to be changed.

  2. Turn on the Skybox using the gray remote. If Sky programming begins to run then you are all set. If not…

  3. Using the black remote, touch the button marked “AV” to show a dropdown menu of inputs on the TV screen. The correct input for SkyTV is “HDMI 1”. If SkyTV programming begins after you change the input then you are all set, if not go back to Step 2.

Using Chromecast
  1. Using the black TV remote - turn the TV on. By default the SkyBox should be on and running the Guide and you will need to change the input setting on the TV.
  2. Touch the button marked “AV” to show a dropdown menu of inputs on the TV screen. 
  3. The correct input for the Chromecast is “HDMI 2”. Once you have selected the correct input you should see a Google background screen with the current time.
  4. For access to the Chromecast you must be logged onto the regular “ Guest” network (do NOT select the 5G network) on your computer or mobile device. (See above).
  5. Select “ The Guesthouse TV ” as your target device when casting.
Using The BOSE Soundtouch with the TV
Using the remote speaker with the TV can considerably improve your entertainment experience! The TV and the BOSE speaker are connected via cable.
  1. Turn on the speaker using the white remote control or the “I/O” button on the speaker.
  2. If the “AUX” light (3rd from the left) is lit then you are connected to the TV, if not, touch the
  3. “Bluetooth/AUX” button on either the remote or the speaker so the light comes on for “AUX”.
  4. To avoid unnecessary echo you should turn down the volume on the TV (with the black TV remote) and turn up the volume directly on the speaker (with the Speaker remote).
Using The BOSE Soundtouch with your Bluetooth Enabled Device
  1. Turn on the speaker using the white remote control or the “I/O” button on the speaker.

  2. If the “Bluetooth” light (2nd from the left) is lit then you are ready to connect to a Bluetooth source, if not, touch the “Bluetooth/AUX” button on either the remote or the speaker so the Bluetooth light comes on.

  3. Log on to the “Guest” network using the password “Marriners1” (you can NOT use the 5G network to connect with devices).

  4. Go to the Bluetooth menu on your device and connect to “LOTUS SOUNDTOUCH”

The Bathroom

The bathroom is through the door to the left of the bed, and the light switches are just inside the door next to the towel rail.  

  • The first switch is for the overhead light

  • The second is for the vanity mirror light

  • The third is for the extractor fan (please note that it does not turn off automatically)

The Vanity

The vanity contains - toiletries, a hair dryer, tissues, boxed shower caps, sanitary bags, and a sewing kit.

There is also a coloured towel to use if you have a cosmetic tan, and two make up remover cloths - one complimentary to take with you- to help remove makeup or sunscreen as this does not wash out of the white towels.

Hot Water

The hot water for the bath comes through quite quickly but the shower can take a few minutes, so it is best to turn on the bath hot water tap until the water heats,and then switch over to the shower. 


The vanity contains toiletries, a hair dryer, tissues, boxed Shower Caps, Sanitary Bags and a Sewing Kit, and a coloured towel for guests to please use if you have a cosmetic tan, and two make up remover cloths (one complimentary to take with you) if you wear makeup or  sunscreen, as this does not wash out of the white towels.

The Kitchen & Dining

Teas & Coffee

Tea and coffee are complimentary - please ask for anything that you run out of. 

In the left cabinet cupboard there is a selection of coffee sachets and an electric coffee grinder and your choice of either fresh coffee beans, or freshly ground coffee on request, and two sizes of coffee plungers.  Please empty your coffee grounds into the garden, NOT down the sink.

Shopping For Food

There is a supermarket, an organic vegetable and local produce shop and a pharmacy in Rawene.

  • Rawene Food Mart next to the ferry ramp has fresh vegetables, groceries, beer, wine and snacks and is open 7 days a week from 8:00 am to 6.00 pm. 

  • Wardy’s Organic Market is located another 20 meters up Parnell St and is open daily from 8 am to 6pm.

Eating Out

There are two cafés serving breakfast and lunch all year from 7.30 or 8 am to 3pm, and dinner over summer.   Check out ‘What’s Up Rawene’ on Facebook to see their summer dining hours and menus.

  • The Boatshed Café is licensed and is highly recommended. It is just up the road from the Food Mart and has indoor and outdoor dining over the water, 

  • A New Era Café is in the art gallery and is a perfect spot for a coffee while waiting for your ferry.  It will be licensed in time for the summer holidays. 

  • Hokianga Takeaways is about 20 meters up Parnell St from the Food Mart. It offers excellent takeaways with all the usuals, plus a selection of freshly cooked whole local fish, and is open daily from 11:00 am to 8:45 pm.

In The Kitchen

The kitchen cabinet drawers contain cutlery, condiments, cooking utensils, a knife set, napkins, a tea towel and place mats. The dining table is an antique Moroccan table so please use the place mats for hot dishes.

The under sink cupboard contains all you should need to wash your dishes, including a black cloth dish drainer. The next cupboard contains saucepans, a frying pan, a colander and microwave cooking dishes.

On the bottom shelf of the dressing room there is a rice cooker, a microwave and a bench top oven with baking dishes stored for use in the kitchen.

The metal cabinet beside the bed contains wine, cocktail and drinking glasses and all you may need to make your own cocktails; a dinner set for two; a teapot, cups and mugs; and serving plates. 

Please ask if you need any extra cutlery, crockery or glassware.

  • The guesthouse is in a garden setting with much tiny wildlife. To avoid attracting ants please put all open food in the refrigerator immediately. 

  • There is a hotplate for cooking built into the kitchen counter. Please remember to switch off the hotplate when you are done!   

  • Please use the cutting boards provided. If you need more just ask!

  • Please do not put hot pans directly onto the bench top or the table, and instead use the trivet and the black tiles next to the hotplate. 

  • Please tie back the curtains with the tassel to keep them away from the kitchen counter when you are preparing food. 

  • To minimize the impact of cooking smells for future guests we ask you to please use the exhaust fan whenever you are cooking.

  • Please do not cook seafood or spicy dishes in the kitchen.  There is a Weber BBQ, a portable hotplate and a trestle table available that you can use on the rear deck for these.  

  • Please ask for anything additional that you need such as cooking oil or herbs and spices, and feel free to use the herbs growing in the garden pots. 

  • If you don’t feel like doing the dishes after any meal, then please just place them on the table outside the courtyard facing French doors for us to collect, clean and replace.  Please do this anyway after aromatic meals and please do not wash the crystal wine glasses as they break far too easily.

  • Please immediately dispose of any waste food in the provided bin and place it outside your door for us to remove, clean and replace for you.

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