We use LOCAL butcher shops for GRASS-FED, FREE-RANGE meat and free-range chicken. 

Our fish comes from the Hawkes Bay and is processed and couriered to us on the DAY-OF-THE-CATCH. 

Where possible we use ORGANIC & local ingredients, and our own GARDEN GROWN produce.

The eggs are free range.

Please give us at least  1 OR 2 DAYS NOTICE if you intend to eat with us so that we can work out your menu with you as your first choice may not be available. 

We also have an excellent selection of FINE WINES & CHAMPAGNES.


Please note that all food service is an additional charge and is subject to value added NZ Goods & ServicesTax.

Payment by credit card may also incur a 3.18% credit card processing surcharge.



Breakfast will be served to your room, or on the deck adjoining your accommodations, and at the time specified by you at check-in. 


(toasted muesli & yoghurt + toasted bread & home-made preserves + seasonal fruit & fruit juice)


(free range eggs any style + toasted bread & home-made preserves + seasonal fruit & fruit juice)


(the Simple Breakfast + free range eggs any style + bacon, mushrooms & grilled or sliced tomato)


(eggs, bacon, fresh fruit, mushrooms, avocado, tomatoes, or cheese)


If you are more than one person dining then PLEASE CHOOSE THE SAME COURSES.  

Guests staying in the VIOLA STUDIO may order a SET MENU main for $30.00 per person. 

We also serve this meal in both guesthouses as an early dinner for guests going on the FOOTPRINTS TOUR. 


Choice of either traditional Spaghetti BOLOGNESE made with beef, organic tomatoes, red wine & fresh rosemary, or Spaghetti PUTTANESCA for vegetarians/vegans.

The dinner is served with garlic bread and salad or vegetables. 

Guests staying in the LOTUS GUESTHOUSE may order either the Set Menu or a 

3 COURSE DINNER with a choice of  

Starter or Soup + a Rice/Pasta dish or other Mains dish + Dessert

for $69.00 per person. 


Sri Lankan CURRIED PRAWNS with lettuce & lime juice

Spanish style GARLIC PRAWNS with crusty bread

Italian TUNA & cannellini bean SALAD

Organic, homemade HUMMUS & GRILLED VEGETABLES with pita bread


All soups are made with vegan stock and served with ciabatta rolls or French bread  

Rich, Italian porcini & button MUSHROOM soup

LEEK & POTATO with sauvignon blanc soup

Roasted vine TOMATO & RED CAPSICUM soup with fresh basil (no dairy or gluten)


Rice & pasta dishes are served with seasonal vegetables or a salad

RISOTTO with roasted MUSHROOMS, double smoked PANCETTA,  French ONION & fresh herbs

PASTA with lightly devilled CHICKEN pieces cooked in a rich Italian tomato sauce

Spaghetti BOLOGNESE made with beef, organic tomatoes, fresh rosemary & red wine

Spaghetti PUTTANESCA made with organic tomatoes & red wine for vegetarians/vegans.


All mains are served with sliced baked potatoes or garlic & virgin olive oil potato mash,

seasonal vegetables or a salad

Goan FISH CURRY with homemade chutney & side dishes

Greek BAKED CHICKEN cooked with yogurt, red onions & feta cheese

Crumbed CHICKEN BREAST with tarragon, Parmesan cheese & lemon zest with a creamy wine sauce

Malay PORK VINDALOO with homemade chutney & side dishes

Slow ROASTED PORK BELLY rubbed with crushed pepper, fennel & garlic,

served with German style red cabbage & apples (in season)

BEEF BRISKET with capsicum, tomatoes, red wine & spices slow cooked in a clay pot

Middle Eastern LAMB SHANK TAGINE with grilled vegetables   

Greek slow ROAST LAMB with yoghurt & garlic sauce (for 4 guests only)


Homemade vanilla, almond & cinnamon ICE CREAM with a dark chocolate & espresso sauce

Old fashioned CHOCOLATE MOUSSE with whipped cream & walnuts


2  Mariner St, Rawene 0443, New Zealand

Call: (+64) 09.405.7881